Cultural Promotion Association

Paradiesli. Cultural Promotion Association. In Sigriwil


The Kulturförderverein Paradiesli in Sigriswil (hereinafter referred to as KuPiS) is a non-profit association in the sense of Art. 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code with its registered office in 3655 Sigriswil,

The purpose of the association is the promotion and support of artists of various art disciplines and to bring them closer to the interested general public.

In particular, the association supports the artists’ residence Paradiesli, in short P.AiR.S (Paradiesli.Artists in Residence. Sigriwil). P.AiR.S aims to bring together talented artists from all over the world to experience a unique cultural environment for contemporary art. Selected artists are invited to live and work for a limited period of time during the winter months at Gästehaus Paradiesli, in Sigriswil, in a community of three artists from different backgrounds. In this way, P.AiR.S aims to give the artists the opportunity to counteract isolation and develop creative exchange by living and working in an inspiring place.

KuPiS also contributes to the dissemination and deepening of the understanding of art by promoting contact between artists and those interested in art. For this purpose, KuPiS organizes in cooperation with the Gästehaus Paradiesli suitable platforms such as exhibitions, artist talks, as well as cultural events for the public presentation of current art work or to promote contact between artists and those interested in art and culture.



Jury P.AiR.S and Board Members KuPiS


Lisa Holinger    Jury and Treasurer

Host: s`Paradiesli. in Sigriswil.  Café Culture Pension





Heike Joas.    Jury and Revision

Graphic designer and photographer with her own advertising agency for 20 years.

Since 2013 NeuroMovement Practitioner




Daniel Rohrbach     Jury and Moderation

Educated at the School of Design and University of Bern (higher teaching degree), illustrator, photographer and painter.

10 years as a consultant and seminar leader for various manufacturers of artists’ paints.

Today: Seminars in adult education / teacher training

Director of the painting school




Gregor Muntwiler     Jury and President

Since 2001 gallery owner of Galerie Eulenspiegel, Basel

Curator of various exhibitions and installations