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An offer of the Kulturförderverein Paradiesli

What does the concept mean for the artist residence Paradiesli, Sigriswil?

The concept was developed to bring together talented artists from all over the world to experience a unique cultural environment for contemporary art. Selected artists are invited to live and work for a period of 2×7 weeks during the winter months at Gästehaus Paradiesli, Sigriswil in collaboration with Galerie Eulenspiegel, Basel in a community of 2×3 artists of all national origins.

The artist residence Paradiesli (P.AiR.S) in Sigriswil offers artists the opportunity to counteract isolation and develop creative exchange by living and working in an inspiring place. The Paradiesli is located high above Lake Thun opposite the striking and imposing mountain Niesen. The Bernese Oberland has been a place of attraction and inspiration for many a renowned artist such as Macke, Hodler, Klee, Friedli, and many more.

Art and its dissemination are of central importance to the P.AiR.S..

The artists’ residence Paradiesli welcomes artists of different artistic disciplines, e.g. literature, drawings, photography, film/video. However, the activity must correspond to the given premises. They are free to participate in individual or joint projects and to work according to their own schedule and approach. All participants are asked to leave an artistic “trace”, a testimony of their visit, at the end of their stay, but can decide for themselves how this should be done.

The emphasis of the project is on creative exchange. Artists are encouraged to engage in collaborative work and discussion, interacting as a dynamic artistic community to enrich the creativity of the group and each other’s work. Communication, confrontation, observation and discovery should challenge the artists and allow them to build on their existing skills and expand the boundaries of their art in this vibrant artistic and cultural environment.



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